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Does this require Part Time or Full Time effort?

Although you can get your own ONE Sports Nation started as a part time effort – We’ve never met an entrepreneur that is satisfied with part-time results. Choose your effort, earn your results.

What makes a great franchise business owner?

You’ll need a passion for owning your own business, a drive to achieve more and the desire to control your own scheduling. Although we are youth sports organizers, event management is a big part of what we do, and that means high levels of organization and customer service. Here’s some other items you’ll need:

  • $49,000 in liquid capital to get your business started. Every business has start-up costs, and with ONE Sports Nation, we’ll get you up and running quickly. The start-up capital includes about $20,000 in equipment that you’ll receive in order to host a great game day experience to our best-in-class standards. That’s your competitive advantage.
  • Proximity to your clients – you’ll most likely live in the community you serve. That will make you a local celebrity in your community as you’ll find that a lot of parents and kids will know who you are and recognize the brand you wear, everywhere you go.
  • You’ve gotta love networking with people. People do business with people that they like. So be like-able!
  • You are energetic, self motivated, and highly organized. Event management is a lot of organization and communication. If you do those well, you’re clients will love you.

Do I need a sports background?

Having a solid understanding of sports is a definitely plus, but no, you don’t need a sports background. We have franchise owners from all walks of life including corporate executives and delivery drivers. We find that basic business skills, excellent communication and being personable are characteristics that are more valuable than perfect sports knowledge.

How will I be trained?

After you “Turn-Pro” in our franchise draft, we’ll schedule your Training Camp which consists of 16-20 weeks of pre-season education on how to set-up, promote, and operate your ONE Sports Nation business. Not to worry, all of our training can be accomplished online, and only takes a few hours per week in your available time. Ongoing support is awesome too! Whether you need some face to face time, or just some online resources – we’ve got you covered.

What if I need help in my business?

No Problem, that’s what we are here for. Regardless of the need, we’ll get you pointed in the right direction. We can predict your needs because we have built and operated our own leagues, our online training assets are comprehensive and will provide most of the help you’ll need. However, we are always available via text, phone, email, google hangout, online chat or carrier pigeon (if you have one). We Eat, Sleep, Play Sports (repeat).

Do I need to purchase fields or gyms?

No! That sounds like a lot of money to spend, and we’d recommend that you keep that money. There are many available venues that need quality programming, and you can provide it. Let’s discuss your preferred territory and see what options are available to host your OSN events.

What’s the advantage of being an OSN owner?

There are so many! ONE Sports Nation has developed great programs that leverage professional brands that families recognize and love like NFL, NBA. MLB. Our game day presentations are the best in the industry (and that’s what our clients tell us). Our system makes it easy for you to be a highly organized business owner and pass that high level of organization on to your customer.

We keep our system overhead low, so you don’t pay for things you don’t need (like expensive call centers). There is no minimum marketing spend requirement. You have the ability to offer tournaments, camps, clinics and more. Your financial success is our priority.

When can I get started?

Once you’ve completed “the Draft” process, you’ll be able to take online registrations within 24 hours of starting your business. Beware of any sports franchise that claims an opening day “within weeks” of signing… Our franchises are successful because we allow proper time to promote in your territory. Sure, you can shave a few weeks off the training camp if you are well motivated and organized, but you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression in your community with the ONE Sports Nation brand.

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