No doubt that a generation of Americans is looking to break the mold when it comes to a work / life balance. You grew up with social media, your tech savvy and loathe the idea of a lifetime spent working a job that builds wealth for someone else. If you a millennial looking for a low-cost franchise opportunity that allows freedom and independence, put your efforts into owning your own business in the youth sports industry. It’s literally a business of fun and games!

Your Schedule – Your Business

Youth sports is the original social network so its already a niche that you know and love. As a One Sports Nation owner, you’ll have the flexibility to establish your own schedule, even on game days and that means the freedom to prioritize friends and family in your life. Our youth sports programs operate predominantly on Saturdays with administrative duties throughout the week. So as long as you have a computer and an internet connection – you’re in business! Perfect for those coffee shop or breakfast sessions with friends. If you want to add horsepower to your earning potential, Fun Size Sports gives you an opportunity to operate a more traditional business model utilizing part time or full time employees to market and serve the customer base, with you serving as the general Manager of your business.

Making a Positive Impact in your community

There are significant social impacts too. Developing coaches and officials to help orchestrate your game day, you’ll be impacting thousands of people each year by providing a great family oriented youth sports experience utilizing professional brands in your ONE Sports Nation youth sports franchise. It feels great to be recognized by kids and families in your community and to see them in their ONE Sports Nation gear while cruising the local markets. When those kids say “Hi Coach” and have their pro-branded game day uniform on, you’ll know you are impacting their lives in a positive way.

Time for the Next Generation of Youth Sports Business Owners

As a millennial with the drive to make a difference in others’ lives, you can make a difference e by running a ONE Sports Nation youth sports franchise that is focused on delivering a great game day experience of competitive fun, rather than a “win-at-all-cost” mentality. Taking control of your ONE Sports Nation youth sports franchise allows you to be in charge of your own future. But you won’t have to do it alone. The founders of ONE Sports Nation are here to help guide you through the launch process with a 20 week training plan, ongoing support, and great online training resources. Join the ONE Sports Nation family of franchise owners and you’ll be connected with peers that are also building their business.

The Generation of Communicators

Organization and effective communication are keys to running a successful business. These are skills that millennial’s have mastered by growing up in the age of smartphones, and networking apps. Put them to work for you in your own business. Check out all the advantages of owning a ONE Sports Nation franchise:

  • NO to Retail Store Front
  • NO to Retail Hours
  • NO to Inventory
  • NO to Working Holidays
  • Low Cost Start Up, YES Please!
  • 24 Hour E-Commerce, YES Please!
  • Cash Flow Positive, YES Please!
  • Freedom & Independence, YES & YES Please!
  • Leverage Household Name Brands