We have been OSN franchise owners for over 4 years & have been thrilled with the results/experience so far. For us, owning & operating a youth sports business has been the perfect lifestyle business that has allowed every member of our family to participate. Having been the first operators to bring the brand to Colorado, a lot of “heavy lifting” was needed to launch our first season. Every step of the way, Scott & Bonnie (as well as the rest of the OSN community) provided outstanding service & support. Whether it be on site or via phone & email, they are always available & very responsive to our questions & requests. We felt like we were definitely in business for ourselves but not by ourselves, which is in large part why we chose the franchising route to begin with. Scott & Bonnie have done a fantastic job developing everything needed to make OSN a turnkey business – including marketing & advertising materials as well as all of the required operational manuals, tools & templates. Nothing was lacking or had to be developed by me as an operator. It is a truly a “plug & play” business. Our business has grown consistently season over season & has exceeded both our income & profit expectations/goals. Scott & Bonnie have been aggressive in introducing new product offerings as well as marketing & advertising tools to help me grow my business & improve my margins. Having worked for a franchise brand previously at the corporate level, the question I would always ask my operators is the following: “Knowing what you know now, would you have still purchased the franchise?” For us, the answer is an unequivocal & resounding YES!