The Perfect Business Model

Say NO to Retail Store Front

Our franchise owners have no retail store front to lease, furnish, maintain or staff.  That’s a lot of cost avoidance for you as a business owner and more opportunity for you to build personal wealth.  You can spend time padding the wallet of your landlord, or you can spend time building your own families legacy.

Our Franchise owners use a turn key mobile equipment trailer that contains everything you’ll need to operate your business.  It’s a huge branding opportunity to have great equipment. Other youth sports franchise systems give you next to nothing for equipment.

Say NO to Retail Hours

Our youth sports leagues operate primarily on weekends so you will be trading some Saturdays for freedom during the weekdays, but we find that tradeoff to be very favorable for work / life balance.

Say NO to Inventory

Unlike traditional business models that require business owners to purchase stock for resale, You’ll be selling a program registration for upcoming sports or child development opportunities. There is no requirement for you to pre-purchase any component of the registration COGS (Cost of Good Sold). Franchise owners do keep a minimal stock of branded fan apparel for sale during program events, but it is generally less than $1000 of gear.

Say NO to Working Holidays

One of the greatest advantages of youth sports businesses is that customers aren’t looking for service on Holidays. That means you’ll be spending holidays with your own family instead of staffing a storefront.

Low Cost Start Up, YES Please!

Compare us to our competitors

For franchise candidates that are shopping our competition (and we encourage you to do so), it may appear that our start up costs are very similar, but they are not. Here is a breakdown of the significant start-up investment line items (please refer to our FDD for additional information)

Franchise Fee ($19,900). The Franchise Fee covers your system training (excluding travel), access to all of the system assets and tools that have been developed and the launch of the new franchise website.

Territory Fee ($1,000 – $5,000) The territory fee provides for the protected territory that a new franchise owner receives. $1000 for franchise locations in new geographic area in which we don’t currently exist, with larger territory fees for new franchises that are joining a geographic area that is already established with the ONE Sports Nation brand.

Turn Key Equipment Package (starts at $20,000, based on desired sports offerings) and this is the big differentiator between ONE Sports Nation and other youth sports franchise offerings. The ONE Sports Nation franchise equipment package is customized to the initial product offerings and heavily branded to promote the new business. Other systems do not provide a turn key, high quality, sports equipment package, and that’s why ONE Sports Nation game day experiences are the best in the industry.

Compare us to other industries

Thinking about investing in a traditional bricks & mortar franchise business, maybe a QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant)?

Be a savvy investor, compare the return on investment of your money and time. You’ll find ONE Sports Nation to be a better choice. With ONE Sports Nation, your initial investment will be about $49,000 for a 7 year initial franchise term. That’s about $6,000 per year (capitalized). With a traditional retail establishment, you’ll need to invest between $200,000 and $500,000 for an entry level concept like a smoothie store or sandwich shop. Over a similar 7 year contract that’s a minimum of $30,000 up to $70,000 per year (capitalized) or 5 to 12 TIMES the investment requirement of a ONE Sports Nation! So the financial question you should be asking yourself is, can you make 5-12 times as much money with a traditional retail franchise in an over-saturated industry? Clearly the ROI of a ONE Sports Nation franchise is a superior choice.

24 Hour E-Commerce, YES Please!

Technology is at the heart of every successful business concept. At ONE Sports Nation, we have a dedicated IT Team to support the system, and continually improve the experience for our customers and franchise owners. Keeping a website current means keeping up with speed, mobile platforms and current content. That a big job, and a big reason why franchise systems are so popular.

ONE Sport Nation puts you in control of your own business with 24 hour e-commerce platform. You’ll get the power to administer your own website controlling your offerings and pricing. The revenues generated online deposit directly to your business account, in full. Our franchise owners literally make money 24 hours a day as customers register for products and pay online.

Cash Flow Positive, YES Please!

How many businesses can you think of where your customer pays you in full up front to deliver a service in the future? At ONE Sports Nation, you’ll be collecting your revenue first, and then budgeting your expenses throughout the season to deliver the customer’s experience. We call that working from a cash positive position because you don’t need business lines of credit or huge inventories to delivery your service. There are very few business models that provide this type of financial liquidity.

Freedom & Independence, YES & YES Please!

ONE Sports Nation franchise owners have the flexibility to set their own prices and establish their offerings to meet the needs of the community they serve. Franchise owners also have the opportunity to add income streams to outside of seasonal league play, and we’ll help them do it!

There are many ways to create value in youth sports business such as camps, clinics, tournaments, after school programs and more. All of which we’ll help to support.

Leverage Household Name Brands

ONE Sports Nation has built a supply chain that includes name brand sports like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and we use Xara Soccer Uniforms that offer both international and City series player apparel. We use these brands because it’s what our customers know and it makes the youth sports experience fun! As a ONE Sports Nation franchise owner, you’ll get access to our established supply chain so you can leverage these brands to build your business. Give your future business every chance of success by using established brands, and the ONE Sports Nation system.

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