ONE Sports Nation Vs. Our Competitors

We weren’t the first to develop a youth sports franchise system to provide business owners a revenue model in the youth sports industry, and we aren’t the largest (yet). But we are the best at delivering a great game day experience for our players and families, here’s why:

Our Player Development Model

Our youth sports approach is founded on the elements of Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) and the American Development Model (ADM) created by the US Olympic Committee and National Governing Bodies emphasizing development over results.  We gradually escalate the FUNdamental model to create physical literacy starting with Stage 1 “Discovery, Learn & Play” for young players, and advancing into Stage 2 “Development & Challenge” as they progress through our age groups.  Some players and teams will reach Stage 3 “Train & Compete” before reaching High School level sports.  Age appropriate skills development is key to any sport program. Our programs put the kids first because we want to see them develop their skill set AND have a great experience. We do not exist solely for parental convenience, sorry mom and dad. Although having practices immediately before the game is a great parental convenience and most of our coaches do perform warm-up activities before the games, we encourage players and teams to practice during the week because that’s how they improve.   Eliminating the practices, reduces the potential for a player to develop their skill set. Without development the player will lose interest in sports because they aren’t improving. So eliminating practices is a self-defeating approach to youth sports and actually inhibits their future interest and enjoyment in athletic activities. Our programs are all inclusive, player focused, emphasizing fun and friendship while encouraging a competitive spirit. These are the FUNdamentals of life.

Some youth sports programs offer only one game day practice.  But, Physical Literacy is not achieved with only one pre-game practice per week.  In fact, a single practice approach (such as that offered at leagues like I9 Sports) actually does a dis-service to the participants development.  The ADM encourages parents to keep their kids active in multiple age appropriate sports, so Come Play with Us – ONE Sports Nation.

Best Game Day Atmosphere

Our branding is the best in the industry, and that’s a huge advantage for our business owners. Our turn key equipment trailer includes everything you need to host a great game day, and promote your business. We have all seen kids playing sports in a community park, but you’ll seldom know what league or brand is hosting the events. At ONE Sports Nation, your game day is a destination, and when customers see our game day, there is no doubt who is hosting because its prominently displayed on our trailer, signage and huge 10’x20 branded tents.

Direct Supply Chain Access

We leverage Professional Sports Brands, our competitor doesn’t. Ok, you’ve just registered your child for the upcoming season of flag football. Would your player rather wear the jersey of an NFL team like the Eagles, or an I9 Sports jersey? How bout basketball, does you player want to be the Lakers, Warriors….or wear an I9 sports jersey? (same uniforms every season – boring!). As a ONE Sports Nation franchise owner, you’ll leverage the professional brands in your programs. It’s a great way to build excitement in your business, and to create family bonds with parent and kids who see these household names on tv, radio and print. In addition, our franchise owners have direct access to our supply chain which means that their cost for player uniforms is the same as ours. Selling player uniforms is not a profit center for our brand…so keep more money in your pocket and get the best quality player uniforms available as a ONE Sports Nation franchise owner.

Direct Access to the Founders

ONE Sports Nation does not utilize middle managers to train or support our franchise owners. Our Franchise Owners have direct access to the founders of the company whenever it’s needed, and the founders have personally owned and operated multiple units. Call, Text, Email, Chat or carrier pigeon (if you’ve got one) and you’ll receive prompt and direct replies from those that created the company. Youth Sports is a relationship based business at all levels, it’s how you’ll succeed in your community, and its how we succeed with our franchise owners. Join the ONE Sports Nation family.

No Call Centers

Having a national call center doesn’t make sense for a community based youth sports organization for several reasons:

  • Build Customer Relationships. At ONE Sports Nation, we encourage the local franchise owner to build customer relationships in your community. That’s something that can’t be done through a national call center.
  • Quality of Information. The franchise owner knows best the details of information that customers want to know. It makes no sense for a call center to insert themselves as a middleman between a customer and the business owner. We want customers to get information straight from the horse’s mouth!
  • Costly. In addition, call centers are costly (apparently it costs $311.50/month or $0.89/minute, whichever is more) and we would rather see you spend that money on marketing, or on your family.

So how do we handle customer calls?  Well, for starters, we pick up the phone and talk to them!  But for those times that we can’t pick up the phone, we have a web-based, customizable telephony service included in our tech package for all franchise owners.  And the cost is included in your monthly tech package.

Top Notch Equipment

So our competitor suggests that new franchise owners spend $3,000 – $4,000 on sports equipment, and you can save some money by buying used equipment. Does that sound like quality? At ONE Sports Nation each new franchise receives a mobile equipment package that includes everything you’ll need to deliver a great game day experience to our brand standards. And promotional branding is designed into the package. Delivering the best game day experience requires that best quality equipment is used in the process. Everything else is just second best, even if they are the first or largest.

Best Game Day Schedules and Standing Pages

In a world of ever changing technology, the ONE Sports Nation tech team is constantly challenged to improve those elements of our website that will improve our customer and franchise owner experience. One of those elements is the schedules and standings page for each program. No membership or login is required to get information. Our gameday information is easily accessible to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and more. They are easy to read and understand so everyone can get to the right place at the right time for their games.

On other sports league websites, you almost need a secret decoder ring to figure out when game day is for your 8 year old.

Commitment to Better Officiating

ONE Sports Nation officials are required to attend an officiating clinic before they even step foot on one of our game days. Some youth sports systems shrug off the rules and say “they are just kids”, but not at ONE Sports Nation. Kids learn when we give the coaches an opportunity to coach. That’s why our officials follow the program rules calling fouls and penalties. If the game isn’t properly officiated, the coaches aren’t given an opportunity to correct the players mistakes. We believe that kids should learn the right way to play a sport, right from the beginning and our officials help make that possible. Franchise owners are trained in officiating and in the training of officials to ensure a great game day experience.

League Level Coach Certification

The One Sports Nation system includes a coach certification program for all first time coaches in our programs. The certification includes the pillars of youth sports such as Player Development, Player Safety, Game Day Organization, Rules and Coach Resources. We also share our youth sports focus and philosophy with the coaches as a preventive measure to ensure that we emphasis competitive fun, and not a win-at-all-cost mentality.

More Available Territories

It comes as no surprise that ONE Sports Nation has more available territories than the competition, simply because we weren’t the first. Hey, sometimes it’s beneficial to be the best instead of being first. We encourage you to reach out to us even in your preferred territory is already in operation as there are occasionally opportunities to acquire existing operating units.

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