Is ONE Sports Nation Franchise For You?

Who Makes a Great Franchise Candidate?

There is no single background that is best suited for franchise ownership with ONE Sports Nation. Our franchise owners come from a wide range of backgrounds. But there are some essential skills sets you’ll need as a business owner.

Motivated / Driven

As a business owner, you are in charge of your own success. You’ll need to be self motivated to market the programs you offer, take ownership of the game day experience, and hold event staff accountable for meeting your expectations. You’ve got to have a passion for competing against yourself, to be the best that you can be.


Business will come to you, but there is even more business that you need to go get. Sometime you’ll spend time “closing the deal” and converting program inquired to registrations, which is another great reason that we don’t use call centers. As a business owner, you’ll need to separate the “yes’s” from the “no’s” and don’t get disparaged when you hear a “no”. Keep building “yes’s” to build a great business.

Communicative & Organized

With hundreds or thousands of families counting on you to deliver a great experience, you’ll need to be well organized and overly communicative with your patrons. It’s easy to be self indulged in your operations, but you’ll need to tell your customer base what is going on, and constantly be promoting the next season for registrations. You’ll also need to be communicating with our head office so we can assist you with any issues that you encounter. We don’t want you to spend time re-creating the wheel, so if you run into issues – Call Us! Your time is best spent marketing and delivering a great experience.

Trust in the Process

We’ve been around the block a few times and we’ve always launched our new units as planned. So as a new business owner, you’ll have to trust in the process, you’ll need to be able to follow the system.

ONE Sports Nation has developed a 20 week start-up training checklist to prepare each new unit for a successful launch. We’ll be working side by side with you to guide your business launch. You just need to supply the motivation and effort to drive your success, we’ll provide the road map.

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