Two Great Sports Concepts

Franchise Owners will leverage the ONE Sports Nation system to capture market share in their protected territory and build a loyal following by responding to the demand of the community’s needs. There are two revenue platforms available:

ONE Sports Nation

ONE Sports Nation – youth sports programs primarily generate revenue through registration fees paid by participants. In the youth sports platform, our Franchise owners must offer seasonal league play, and may offer summer camps, spring break camps, sports clinics, tournaments, training sessions and more. In addition, franchise owners have the opportunity to expand revenue via concessions, local sponsor advertisements, game day gear, co-brand fees, gameday profit sharing and more. Some of these are even royalty free opportunities!

Sports offered through One Sports Nation:

  • Field Day Baseball
  • Full Court Legends Basketball
  • Grid Iron Cheer
  • Grid Iron Football
  • One Cup Soccer
  • VolleyUp Volleyball

Fun Size Sports

The Fun Size program is a stand alone profit center but can serve as a feeder system to the youth sports programming for those franchise owners that choose to own both platforms.

Child development programs primarily generate revenue through registration fees paid by participants in one of three categories:

  1. Child Care Facility Program
  2. After School Programs
  3. Park Programs

In the child development platform, our Franchise owners offer development programs for kids in three distinct age groups:

  1. “Red Stars” (ages 2-3)
  2. “Yellow Stars” (ages 4-5)
  3. “Blue Stars” (ages 6-7)

Earning Potential

Your franchise earning potential is truly dependent on your efforts. A ONE Sports Nation franchise is a complete system for success providing all of the tools necessary to help you thrive. How aggressively you market, how many sports and venues you offer each season, and the quality of the programs you provide, all determine how big your franchise earning potential can be. Although we can’t predict your success, we can help you understand the revenue building opportunities and operational costs of being a franchise owner, and put you in touch with our existing owners.


As ONE Sports Nation franchisee, you’re receiving the flexibility to set your own prices to meet your demographic needs. You also have the opportunity to add income streams to your business without paying additional royalty fees – and We’ll show you how!

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